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My Last Letter from the Editor at Saint Paul

Dear Knights,


As my time at Saint Paul has now come to a close, I have done a lot of reflecting. Just a few weeks ago, 122 of my classmates and I walked across the stage at Mechanics Hall and had diplomas conferred upon us. While this is a bittersweet time and a period of my life that I will miss, there is so much to be proud of.


Two years ago, we all came into a new school building not knowing what to expect. Between the merger and COVID, so much was still up in the air. However, we all came into school on September 3, 2021, as one united school community. Although we all have gone on slightly different journeys over the past two years, we are all united by one common principle – devotion to community. For some of us, this devotion came in the form of being a captain on a sports team, for others running a club, and for others, just coming to school and participating in the classroom.


As I mentioned in my Welcome Speech at Graduation, our ultimate goal is to leave a legacy on our school. Although this sentiment was directed toward 123 seniors and their families, this will one day apply to all of you, the current students at Saint Paul. Many of you have already made your mark on Saint Paul without even knowing it.


While the Class of 2022 leaving Saint Paul is a bittersweet moment and one that many people think of as surreal, it is a necessary and inevitable process of life. Although this moment signifies the end of a chapter in Saint Paul history, it will not be the end of the story. I know that the future of Saint Paul is in great hands, and the many legacies left by the Class of 2022 will be carried forth in the many years ahead.


I am writing this letter to you as an alumnus of Saint Paul. You all are the school's future. I look forward to seeing all that you will bring to the table whether you have one year left or five years left at 144 Granite Street. Whether on a sports team, in a club, or simply by serving as a peer tutor in the ASC, I know every single one of you students will excel in all of your future endeavors.


While this is the last publication of the Saint Paul Gazette that I am overseeing, I am happy to announce that the Saint Paul Gazette has a solid leadership team that will further innovate and transform the paper in the years ahead. Tyler Prentiss ’25 will take over as Editor in Chief. He will work alongside Nathaniel Beland ’23 (Assistant Editor in Chief of Copy Editing), Joonho Kim ‘24 (Assistant Copy Editor), David Romaniec ’24 (Assistant Editor in Chief of Content), Kat Pineda ’25 (Social Media and Website Coordinator), and Sebastian Yu (Knightly News Coordinator). These students are dedicated, driven, motivated, and willing to serve. This group of extraordinary students deserves a round of applause for all they have brought to the table over the last two years. Most importantly, however, I know they will follow the Saint Paul Gazette’s mission to be a “reliable and relevant source of school news, current events, and entertainment for the Saint Paul and Worcester communities.”


Thank you all for being part of this project of mine over the last two years. I hope you all will continue to support the Gazette in the years to come.


With optimism and gratitude,


DJ Mara

Editor in Chief

The Saint Paul Gazette

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