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Freshman Year Portfolio

Updated: May 3

Today marks the completion of my first year at Emerson College in pursuing my B.S. in Political Communication with a minor in journalism. 

This year has come with its share of celebrations and tribulations, ups and downs, victories and losses. There is, however, much to be proud of. Over the last year, I have: 

🗞️ Written and collaborated on 38 articles for the Berkeley Beacon.

✍🏼 Written 20 web articles for WEBN-TV Boston

🎥 Anchored 2 J-Channel broadcasts. 

🏅Received 2 Communication Studies Awards.

🗳️ Attended the 2024 Iowa Caucuses with the Communication Studies Department and went on an immersion trip to Washington, DC with Emerson's Communication, Politics, and Law Association.

🤝🏼 Served as Beyond Emerson’s Vice President, an organization dedicated to fostering bipartisan dialogue on campus. 

📝 Wrote my first article for the Emerson Political Review.

There are numerous experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today, and there are countless people to thank for their support, mentorship, and innumerable opportunities over the last year. After much anticipation, I am incredibly proud to share my freshman year portfolio!

Berkeley Beacon Articles

Emerson Political Review Articles

WEBN Web Articles

J-Channel Episodes

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