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My Last Letter from the Editor at SPM

Published in the Guardian Globe

Dear Guardians,

Congratulations on finishing the 2019-20 school year on a strong note.

The circumstances we are currently in, and those we have been in over the past six months, are unprecedented. Additionally, they have taken a toll on many physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Certainly, this is not the way in which any of us had envisioned that the Saint Peter-Marian history would come to a close. Many of us looked forward to performing in SPM’s last play, The Unusual Suspects. Over 40 students and faculty anticipated to travel across the Atlantic to England over April Break. Additionally, many other events were set to happen in-person, including Prom, Graduation, field trips, retreats, and Sophomore Step-Up Day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously altered our normal daily routines and ways of life. On Thursday, March 12th, Governor Baker hosted a phone call with area mayors, superintendents, and other local leaders and elected officials. On this call, many advised for the schools to be closed on Friday, March 13th for routine cleaning. March 13th was the same day in which the SPM Drama Club was scheduled to open its last performance in SPM’s history, The Unusual Suspects. This news left over 40 students, including myself, heartbroken, as four months of hard work and preparation were put on hold.

Additionally, over that three-day weekend it was announced that many schools across Massachusetts, including SPM, would remain closed through April 3rd. On March 25th, it was announced that the schools would be closed through May 4th. However, the groundbreaking announcement came on April 21st, when the Baker-Polito administration announced that all schools in Massachusetts were to remain closed through the end of the academic year.

This decision affected the SPM community in many ways. Students had to go into a desolate school building to gather belongings to begin remote learning. The school play was eventually cancelled. Prom was held virtually, and Graduation was held at SPM on July 25th, with a limit of two people per graduate.

In addition to SPM closing as of June 12th, we, the SPM students and staff, could not finish off the year at the campus at 781 Grove Street. We had to do so through remote learning, virtual Zoom sessions, and submitting schoolwork through PlusPortals. It was an adjustment for all of us, whether students, teachers, or administrators. However, we Guardians rose up to the challenge.

In addition to spending the end of my sophomore year virtually, I did not imagine that I would be the last Sophomore Class President and Editor in Chief of the Guardian Globe in SPM’s history.

Being in the position of Editor in Chief of the Guardian Globe over the past four years has been an extreme honor and an opportunity I am so glad that I took advantage of. Since taking this position, we have circulated 15 issues of print, each getting progressively better as they have been published.

With the help of the production staff over the past four years, we have been able to take the Guardian Globe to heights I would have deemed unimaginable and utterly impossible if they were told to me as a 7th grade student.

 I would like to take a moment to thank all of the production staff from over the past four years and especially our three past faculty advisors: Ms. Landers, Mr. Thibeault, and Ms. Cronin. I would also like to thank the administration for constantly believing in me and my aspirations for the Guardian Globe over the past four years.

The position of Editor in Chief has also helped me blossom into the person I am today. I came into SPM as a typical 7th grader—nervous, unsure, insecure, and constantly wanting to fit in. Now as a 10th grader and rising junior next year, I am my true self— confident, happy with myself, well-rounded, and a functioning member of society.


Next year, both SPM and Holy Name will cease to exist. We will be under a new name, Saint Paul Diocesan Junior-Senior High School. We will be referred to as the Knights, similar to the Guardians. Additionally, the school will be located at the current site of Holy Name, 144 Granite Street. It has been a long journey since the merger was announced in December. There was anger, heartache, pain, and unrest between both the SPM and Holy Name communities. However, I have had a positive outlook since this merger was announced back in December. Regardless of what clubs and chants we have available next year, we will be one student body—united, strong, and diverse. We will still hold the same Catholic values true. We will still have sports teams. We will still have Mr. Pace walking the halls and helping with student life. We will still have Mrs. Amidon to ask for math help. We will still have Mrs. Andrysick to greet us in the morning. But, most of all, we will still have God to guide us along this long journey ahead as we forge a new school community out of two existing ones. I know, and many of you probably know, that He will do what is right in due time.

Until that moment comes, I have one thing to ask of those of you who will be Knights: Enter next school year putting aside all differences and rivalry, and lead with determination, hope, and optimism.

With that being said, Guardians, I wish you all a wonderful and restful summer with your families, and a smooth transition into next school year, whether high school or college. Whatever may come your way in the coming months, may you confront it with an open mind and grit to further accomplish your destiny.

I hope to write to you all next year as Editor in Chief of the Saint Paul Gazette.

Farewell Guardians.

With optimism,

DJ Mara

Editor in Chief

Guardian Globe

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