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Letter from the Editor: Volume 1, Issue 3

Dear Knights,

Congratulations on making it through this first year in Saint Paul history. Since September, I have been amazed at your perseverance, grit, and determination. To characterize this year as abnormal would be an understatement. From bringing two legacy schools together because of the merger, to learning for much of the year behind a computer screen and over zoom calls, you all have had to sacrifice and persevere through difficult situations. I believe you have all come out stronger because of it.

I do, however, believe that this year’s senior class has had to push through some tumultuous situations, to say the least. To bring two senior classes together from former rivaled schools is an arduous task. To not graduate from the school you attended for most of high school is a tough pill to swallow. However, due to the passion and determination of each senior, under the stead of the Senior Class Officers, the Class of 2021 was able to create a positive bond out of a not so positive situation.

The Class of 2021 is now on to bigger and brighter things—many going to college, some in the military, and others straight to the workforce. I believe they will represent Saint Paul well in the “real world”, and live up to the motto of our school—"Fortior Unus": Stronger Together. Stronger in the sense that each member of the Class of 2021 will need to continue their resilience through college, and while cementing his or her place in the workforce, wherever that may be. Together in the sense of staying true to the collective values learned under this roof at 144 Granite Street.

Now that this year is behind us, with a shift in student leadership occurring, we must as a collective student body, look toward the path ahead. With the Class of 2021 transitioning to higher education, the Class of 2022 now takes the reigns of the student body. The Class of 2022 now has the opportunity to build off of what the Class of 2021 established as the “Saint Paul identity” and make its mark on this institution.

For those of you who know me, you may know that I serve as a Co-Junior Class President, alongside Kylie Barbour. As we as a junior class now step up in taking the reigns of the student body and the short-term trajectory of the Saint Paul spirit, I wish to offer the following remarks to my peers, a combination of what myself and Kylie remarked at our Junior Step-Up Ceremony. Although these remarks were given at a junior-centered event, the overall message applies to us all as a student body:

“Over the past year, Kylie and I have watched and observed the behavior patterns of the student body, regarding the merger and with the transition back into the building. The most evident thing we have observed is that the grit and resilience of this junior class is unmatched.”

“We are going to begin our final year of high school, which will come with great rewards and great responsibilities. We hope to be given certain privileges and be able to create new traditions and events where we can be celebrated as a class. But we can only do this if we fulfill our duties as seniors. We need to celebrate each other, help others when they are down, and be role models to the classes below us. We have one final year to create memorable experiences and to celebrate everything we have accomplished and overcome. Kylie and I have high expectations for us as a class, but we both know that you all will rise to the challenge.”

“We have one more year under this roof. One year to truly cement ‘what it means to be a Knight.’ Whether this is your first year under this roof, or your fifth, we all have a collective responsibility in this effort. As we step up as seniors, we ask you to keep this in mind: lead with ambition and conviction, while always being willing to lend a hand to someone needing it.”

In closing, Knights, I wish you all a safe and restful summer. As the Class of 2022 comes back as the leaders of the school, I can confidently make this promise: We will lead with humble and determined minds, and take into consideration the opinions and desires of the whole student body, to have a cohesively fun second year at Saint Paul.

With optimism,

DJ Mara

Editor in Chief

The Saint Paul Gazette

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